Paper is the new communal work oasis and curated exhibition space connecting world-class design brands to communities and leaders in the design industry.

Paper Hotel.
A revolution in the Design Industry.

Imagine a hotel where beauty and design are constantly in-flux, changing with each guest and each season. A hidden oasis where rooms are individually curated by the most revered design brands in the world and an environment designed to host, heal and inspire.

Breath easy.

Tired of Shanghai Pollution?
Enjoy clean ionized air in every room at Paper as if you were hiking through the Swiss Alps.
Our entire facilities are equipped with BLUE Air purification systems ensuring that you breathe the cleanest air possible.

Stay hydrated.

Members will enjoy drinking clean filtered water by BLUE Water purification systems™ throughout the building. Hotel guests at Paper will even enjoy showering with BLUE Water.

Work hard. In Design.

Not many people can say they work from a $700 chair and a $1000 desk. You will.