Membership Cards
Paper Shanghai will provide each Member with a signature Paper Shanghai Membership Card that is required upon arrival. Membership cards are personalized and non-transferable. Should a nonmember attempt use of a card, Membership will be immediately suspended and reviewed by Management. If a Membership Card is lost or stolen, immediately inform a Membership Manager so it can be replaced and flagged as to not suspend your Membership. 

Members are responsible for settling any open balance acquired during each visit to Paper Shanghai. Members shall assume responsibility for open balances of their guests and authorize Paper Shanghai to charge the credit card attached to their account for any balance left unpaid. Members must maintain a valid form of payment on file with Paper Shanghai Reception. Outsourced services and products will be posted to the Member’s account as well as any unpaid charges. 

Mail / Lost & Found
Paper Shanghai Members may receive personal letters and small packages to the Paper Shanghai address. It is the Member’s responsibility to inquire and retrieve such mail. Any unclaimed personal items will be returned to sender or donated after 30 days. 

Sportswear, shorts and sandals are discouraged throughout Paper Shanghai. 

Each Member may invite up to three guests on the Social 6th Floor and one guest on the Collaborative 5th Floor workspace. Additional guests are allowed in connection with meeting room bookings. All guests must sign in upon arrival, and be accompanied by a Member at all times. Guests of Members may not be offered access to the facilities until the Member is present. Each Member is responsible for the conduct and etiquette of their guests and must ensure that all guests strictly abide by the club rules. Exceptions for extended guest lists may be made on a case-by-case basis with 24 hours’ notice. 

Children under 12 are welcome to dine in the restaurant with a reservation Saturdays and Sundays until 7pm. 

Regrettably, at Paper Shanghai we are unable to allow any kind of pets. 

Mobile phones, Noise level & Audio Visual
Paper Shanghai Members should be mindful and courteous of others. While mobile phones are permitted, Members are encouraged to take extensive calls, Skype, FaceTime, or video meetings in designated areas. Any audio should be enjoyed with headphones. 

Smoking policy
Due to government laws, rules and regulations, Paper Shanghai holds a No-Smoking Policy. No smoking will be permitted inside at any time. Members and their guests will be allowed to smoke in designated areas. 

Photos, Social media and press
Camera, video and recording devices are prohibited at Paper Shanghai. The club reserves the right to take ownership of any recordings or images used or taken while on the premises. Paper Shanghai has a strict social media and press policy. No individual Member or guest should post or disclose any personal, private or unauthorized information or image to any social platforms or press outlets at any time. It is the Membership Committee and Management’s full discretion to determine what is appropriate and what is not. Noncompliance may lead to disciplinary action or Membership termination. Sharing unauthorized information about Paper Shanghai on social media or with the press is strictly prohibited. 

Both Members and staff are held to strict confidentiality standards regarding Members, guests, any event taking place at Paper Shanghai. Any information acquired while at Paper Shanghai’s premises must be kept in the strictest confidence. Please respect the privacy of other individuals and events in the building and refrain from entering in spaces that have been hired. These include conference rooms, private dining and studio spaces. 

Final Note
Members and their guests are subject to the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement. In case of any conflict or inconsistency between these Club Rules and the Membership Agreement, the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement shall prevail

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